Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my favorite place to hang out when i'm in the OC

My best friend's place!

i made len that baby blue anti-valentines card 4 years ago!! and he still keeps it!!!

Jan 31, 2004.. SOOO long ago!!!


Azusa x Yuki


we heart real korean bbq

my best friend Leonard

yuki enjoying yummy soup

Leonard x me x Naoko

Taejo x Yuki x Steve


next stop: Leonard's house

we heart south coast plaza

lil jeska drove me and yuki to south coast plaza

messing around..cuz we can. tee hee

i heart you

tired from shopping. tee hee
and why do i have a hamock in my room?
mom set it up for me when i got home. hehehe
where's my skateboard tho!?!?!?!

p.s. i heart tarepanda!