Monday, January 5, 2009

Sakiko x Marie in the OC

good morning!

breakfast with my mommy: PHO

then a stop by the Irvine Spectrum

i heart my girls


What to do on the 2nd day of the year in LA

Eat Healthy Food again...

shop and drink coffee

for dinner..bought healthy food from WHOLEFOODS

hehe didnt necessarily eat this..

and ate at NAOKO's place...
naoko made soba for taejo.

oh what. the gas stations have TVS on top!

dropped by MILK to get ice cream

Then hit a club called FIRECRACKER in Chinatown
Stephen x vivian x her tattoo artist friend (yushi?)
Vivian was SOO-MI in YES MAN. tee hee

we are a bit tired by now...

so on the way BACK TO THE OC..

bought some more VITAMIN WATER at walgreens..
tee hee