Monday, December 22, 2008

Morning at the beach with Daddy

daddy work me up at 7:30 and convinced me to take a walk on the beach...
how can i refuse time with daddy!?!?

coconut trees.

breakfast with daddy.
plain but yummy.
coffee float.
not so good (>.<)

it was quite windy here..but the view was nice

mommy came by suddenly after breakfast with my aunt

co thu is the coolest aunt ever!

while they gossiped, i played on the beach by myself.
i heart roxy

and this puppy.


Yummy dinner with Family

one of nha trang's best seafood restaurants.
we came here last year too

my aunt and mommy

we made our own lemon soda

stuff i cant eat..


i couldnt eat any of the seafood so i had spare pork ribs instead. hehe

end of the meal soupy thing

tea good for diet.
grandmas are gangsta..they drink heinaken beer!
my little cousins
i heart my grandma!
she's like #7 grandma i think. tee hee

fun at the beach

looking for something......

heard something...

was it?...

back at the hotel.
love this view!

Day 3 Lunch with Family

After breakfast, went to my family's place, where they have a massage/spa treatment business.. and got a full on spa treatment and facial... soooo nice.... after that, grandma made us lunch...

after lunch, i went to my family's nail shop and got a pedicure/manicure. hehe pampered today..


Day 3 Breakfast

view from our hotel in Nha Trang...

Pho for breakfast. yum!

next to the restaurant..
my good friend Vanness Wu.
hehehe! yay! Van~!