Thursday, January 8, 2009

Last full day in the OC...

after renewing my drivers license, i went to this crappy massage place with my mom. i mean the massage was strong but the lady tried to KILL Me or something. massaged me as hard as she could and just went back to her chair. wtf. dont come here. it sucks. SUCK!!!!

then met my good friend Mika
er i forgot to take a photo of her xmas gift..(>.<) soooo CUUUUTEEE!!
i totally heart vitamin water. i tried 2 flavors so far..and i like this orange one!!!

last dinner with the parents. leonard couldnt come this year so we kept it small and simple..

then errolson picked me up from OC and drove me to Naoko's place in LA! thanks ERROLSON!!!!!!!!! oh and that carl's jr. drink is a MEDIUM!? wtf. bigger than an XL in Japan!

then Naoko helped me repack...but i wouldnt let errolson take a photo cuz i was too embarrassed of the horrible job i did. hehehe anyhow, its time to go back to tokyo.....................