Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 2 Dinner

banh nem.
famous traditional food in nha trang

she wraps one type of nem in these banana leaves.

mai in nha trang

took the train this time! not bad!

my snacks..
that i ate all of before the train even left.. (>.<)
the snack cua *cua is crab* tasted really stale!!! booo
dragon fruit treees!!!!!


Day 2 Breakfast

pho tai

banh cuon
my favorite!!!

Day 1 Dai Nam Amusement Park for Adults

this lady was working really hard


love love love

the parents


this train takes us to the other side...
equivalent to the disneyland tram i guess!

the biggest door ive ever seen...

crazy scenery!!!


ok this made me kinda sick. watching these fishies fight over bread...

Mai Flower

the flower i was named after that only blooms during feb. it's still quite early so they arent blooming yet.. only a few on each tree...

this cave had small figuratures of vietnam's history.

it was sooo inticate!!!

on our way to the zooo...