Thursday, September 25, 2008

tee hee

i heart Nerrisa

i love talking about old times with you


we heart haight st. (stussy, FTC, thrift stores, art..)

First stop: STUSSY

Thanks for the cool T shirts!!!
tee hee
Tsuyoshi: see you in TOKYO!!!!!!

next stop: Thrift Stores

Yuki really liked this dress.

omg. out of all places, i run into DEANNE!!!
We only met like twice in Tokyo!!!

ah man, i remember when i came here a looong time ago!!

so cheap!!

our hands were so dirty after touching all those used CDs.
damn me for forgetting the hand sanitizers!

we stopped by here for 5 minutes.

cute display.
but the prints on the T's and bags were TOO MUCH.

my new DJ BAG

of course, had to visit the FTC guys!!!

see you soon in Tokyo kent!!

ah ando!!!

i got really hungry...

what.. SO-ME?
no way!?!?!?

an organic coffee shop

Phew, so tired, time to go back to the office!!!!!!!!


9.24 DAY 4: Playing President of INCASE for a day

checking the figures. they are looking great!!!
good job TEAM!

YO! is everyone paying attention?

Im going shopping now!
being president is soooo much fun.
Now, go buy INCASE!!!


next stop: Filmore street with Kento and other shopping fun-ness.