Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mekong River

heheh, they should put these at the convenis in tokyo.

famous bridge, like the golden gate..

watching these people live makes me appreciate what i have...

my lovely mommy and daddy

to dry rice paper

my mommy

the jungle we walked thru

made from coconut shells!

heart no evil, say no evil, see no evil

he looked so sad..

our tour lunch.
very minimal. hehe

now we enter, HONEY COUNTY.
where they collect bees to make honey.......

flash back of MY GIRL.

i couldnt sit here long so i went back to shop...

these horses only make 20,000 dong one way and in one day they go that is 40,000 dong which is about less than $3 a day. sooo my dad and i gave the horse money. heheh

traditional vietnamese music.

this instrument was so cool.

then off to the small boat

kids taking baths...


this is sooo coool!!!
keeps the tea warm!!

on our way back to the mainland..

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